7 the most important knowledge about programming — Tutorial programming for absolute beginners and kids

Filip Kovář
5 min readFeb 12, 2024

I think that everyone is able to learn programming or coding. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or you do a very different job.

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I am going to show you that it’s real. The goal of this video is to show you that everyone can be a programmer.

Everyone is able to learn programming or coding

Seven of the most important things about programming

And I’ll show you, step by step, seven of the most important things about programming.

We are going to write a simple calculator console application in our demo. This app will be written in c# programming language. But these principles are the same for almost every other language.

Step #1 — Dev environment, IDE / Source code editor

Every program contains some, let’s say, text that has to be processed, and the result is a running application. This text is source code and we need some editor to edit our source code.

Source code / running application



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